Human and Virtual Agents Working Together

SiteGlue is an AI Powered and Live Chat platform to boost conversions 40% via your website, text messaging and Facebook Messenger.

How does SiteGlue work?

SiteGlue leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to instantly engage visitors, answer common questions, route hot leads to your email, phone and CRM or seamlessly escalate to a human agent when needed.


Your chat agent is automatically available to greet visitors and answer their questions.


Your AI Power Chat Agent is programmed to ask the right questions, gather contact information and only send you leads that are likely to convert.


After information is gathered, we instantly send contact information to your email, phone or CRM so you or your team can follow up.

Switch to SMS

Our mobile and desktop chat widget includes business text messaging so visitors who need additional help can instantly chat with your staff using the SiteGlue Messaging App.